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Construction Equipment

Please find below our current range of construction products. If you have a specific trailer requirement that is not addressed in the product range below, please do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss your needs.

*Important information relating to brake specifications*
Our standard axles are designed to give a minimum of 25% braking at 32kph and in many cases the standard models will provide up to 40% braking. Two new axles have been introduced for 50 kph tractors and high speed tractors. The Fastmaster models are designed to provide a minimum of 50% braking at 60kph and will be the choice for users with 50kph tractors. The third is a commercial high speed axle, using 420mm x 180mm brakes. These new model variations should help you to choose the right trailer to match your tractor towing speed and ensure you get optimum performance from your tractor and trailer combination. All models can be fitted with hydraulic, air or air/hydraulic braking systems and ABS is recommended for trailers towed at speeds over 32kph.


Herbst Mobile Screener

Why struggle when you can work smart and efficiently. The Herbst Mobile Screener separates different sized rocks simply and quickly. For trailer specifications and pricing please contact us.





Herbst Dump Trailer

These trailers are primarily designed for moving large quantities of dirt or rock and are perfect for the large station or contractor. The sizes available range from 10 to 20 tonne and are built to survive the toughest of conditions- perfect for earthmoving. A couple of our customers pull these dump trailers behind Deutz 170hp Agrotrons, one of which has been chipped to 250 for extra road speed. For trailer specifications click here.





Herbst Builder’s Dump Loader

These trailers are rated to carry up to 10 tonnes of dirt, or an 8 tonne excavator. This trailer has been designed with solid sides to ensure its proper use and will certainly make your life easier when you have an excavator that needs to be relocated quickly and efficiently around a large property- whether you are building dams, roads or just moving equipment, this trailer will suit many job requirements.  For further information/specifications please contact us.